Planning for Colombia

Happy New Year!

I haven’t posted for a while as this year has started in non stop fashion. Moving out, searching for a new home, and last but definitely not least! Planning a month round Colombia.  

A country I have been desperate to visit since I traveled round South America in 2014.

Being a greedy traveler a month in Colombia is not enough. I have booked flights with Aero Mexico to spend 3 nights in Mexico City. 

Once I set my sights on a destination I love to get the latest edition of The Lonely Planet or Rough Guide. Both books are equally good for up to date information on hotels and places of interest  

For this trip I will be spending the first few days in Mexico alone so I have booked a single room at the cute Mia Aldea Holistica based in Coyoacán. I plan to spend my days roaming round and visiting the Frida Kahlo museum.

I’ve heard the name and seen the images but would like to know about this woman’s life. A night will have to be spent watching the infamous Mexican wrestling (Lucha Libra) and then onto the Aztec ruins of Teotihuacan


First stop Medellin, where my friend will be landing 10 minutes before me. The plan is to spend a few days here and learn how a city ruled and ruined by Pablo Escobar has turned its past into an award winning city.  

A flight to Cartegena will be the next stop where we will join a trek to the lost City of Tayrona. This is a 5 day hike so not for the faint hearted. At the end we have booked a night at the fabulous Casa Elemento where you hang in a giant hammock looking out over the land. After this stop who knows.

Claire will return home and I’m loving the thought of being free to return to any places I have enjoyed but also exploring the coffee region. I’m also interested in visiting Punta Galineas, but it’s very out of the way, so I will decide once I’m over there. The joys of having so long is the freedom it brings to not have to over plan.

Sadly Tayrona National Park is closed for the month. which was top of the list!

Have you been to Colombia or Mexico City? If so what are your tips? Would love to hear them.  

Stay tuned for lots of travelling spam!!