Happiness in Hastings

Staring out the train window, I felt happy that the ominous clouds did not stop me from my day trip. This thought abruptly changed on stepping out of Hastings station.

Where is the quaint village-esque picture I envisaged? As the old saying goes... you can't judge a book by its cover!

East Cliff lift. The UK’s tallest funicular train.

East Cliff lift. The UK’s tallest funicular train.

West & East funicular

Following signs for the castle, I headed up a steep hill. On arrival at the top I was met with a spectacular view of the beach, with the sun rays bouncing off the sea, and the ruins of Hastings castle.

Built in 1869 the West Cliff lift runs through a tunnel from the castle & St Clements caves, down to George street in the old town.

At weekends you can take the UK’s tallest funicular train (East Cliff lift) up to Hastings Country park.

Old Town

Opting to walk down to take in the view my thoughts were "what now?"do I head back on the train?

That changed once I got to George Street.
There, was the quaint town I had pictured with Tudor houses and cobbled
streets, you could just imagine what it was like hundreds of years


Hastings Old Town

Hastings Old Town

Cute streets

Cute streets

The great thing about this part of Hastings... no chains! all shops and cafes are independent. I was tempted to buy some plants but living in a basement is not their favourite habitat! Instead I opted for a beautiful, My Doris ring from Respire Living, which I adore!

My lovely new ring

My lovely new ring


Having seen pictures of coloured beach huts, I headed to the beach on the East side to try and spot them. The pier was way off into the distance, and the clouds were getting darker by the minute. Armed with no umbrella or hood, I decided to take my chances!

The first part of the beach had a lot of fish carcass laying around, with menacing seagulls checking them out.

Walking West

Walking West

The further West you walk the nicer the beach becomes. With a rumbling belly and the heavens due to open any minute I reached the lonely beach huts. Taking pictures on my iphone 6. It was worth the walk as the colours against the clouds look great.

beach hut.jpg


Feeling ravenous I headed back to the Old Town for a panini at Deep Blue Cellar Bar, only to be told the food was finished. Gutted! would be an understatement! However, looking around I really wanted to stay. It felt like being on holiday. Saying bye to hunger and hello vino! I sat outside where thankfully it was still mild enough to watch the world go by. It felt great living in the moment (I can't say I feel that way often)!

Great place for a pit stop!

Great place for a pit stop!

Heading back in the direction of the station I entered Rustica. A beautiful authentic Neapolitan pizzeria. The service and food were both great. Feeling as though I’d arrived in Italy I sat back and enjoyed my book.

There are so many great independent restaurants, bars and cafes to choose from. If I had a happy bank account, then I certainly would have gone to more.

Perfect Day! 

Leaving Hastings, I felt inspired to explore more of Sussex and make the most of my days off. It was the perfect day.... well almost!

I started to snooze on the train when I heard some ‘youths’ talking about me.

Boy one ‘she’s old’ old?!? That soon woke me up. I looked up to find boy two staring, then sheepishly look away and mumble something. Boy one replied ‘what’s she gonna do? Sue me?’ 

No! Sunny Jim! I’ll give you a clip round the ear in true ‘old style’.

Briefly my perfect day was ruined, until

Getting off the train, I gave myself a reality check. I was old enough to be their mums. And I was the ultimate cocky teenager, back in the day. I got my just desserts!

Shrugging it off with a laugh, my perfect day was back, as it’s down to us to create it!